Top Study Planner That Students Can Use to Plan Their Studies

Students should establish a daily routine to organise all study tasks. Mostly, students plan their studies just before the exams. But they should not wait for exams to plan their studies. More, the study plan is a schedule or timetable that allows the student to fix their time for daily school activities or professional development goals. Further, a study planner may be a person or an online app that helps you fix a time for a specific task. By following a study planner, you can systematically manage work life, home responsibilities, social life and academic duties. With the advent of technologies, study planner apps are a better option to make a daily study routine. Study planner apps can track your test, assignment and other curricular activities for better classification performance. Hence, this article will discuss some top study planner apps that students can use to organise quizzes, dates, exams and tests along with deadlines.

Exam Countdown

Exam countdown app aims to optimise your performance according to exams schedules. It not only helps in organising study tasks with exams dates, but it is also the best source of motivation. It helps the students to remain focused with the daily exams countdown. Exam countdown can be the best study planner for students of all ages due to several reasons. At this, you can use colour-coding tools to make the daily task more understandable. It allows its users to add symbols to make the reminders more visible. Exam countdown allows students to share their status with classmates to stay connected with friends.


Like other study planners, Egenda is always ready to solve your academic task management problems. Egenda is a reliable option for the students to make an easy to read the schedule for studies. Time management is a common academic problem for students. No doubt, skills development and improvement takes time. So using a study planner app like Eendga can manage the task for you. For all those who feel difficulties in managing assignments, quizzes, and skill developments with burdensome class routines, Egenda is a good option. In manual study plans, the student can misread the tasks, assignments or deadlines. But Egenda’s colour coding and reminding features can minimise the chances of mistakes, hence ensuring on-time task completion. On Egenda, you need to spend a few hours at the start of the semester. Consequently, Egenda will work for you for the rest of the semester.


Trello is a good planner for managing the student’s academic tasks. It helps students to organise work through boards. Not only for students, but Trello is equally effective for the freelancer, marketing team manager and even for teachers to achieve excellence in their respective fields. Trello is one of the most recommended study planners due to several reasons. First, it is user-friendly; even an elementary student can run Trello to organise his homework. Second, it always keeps you up to date with what to do, what is coming next and many more. Third, Trello instantly saves and synchronise your work with the cloud to keep all your devices up to date. Fourth, on Trello, you can create a board to manage an ongoing task. Last, you can use this study planner cum task manager solely, with friends and colleagues, as it also helps in team works. As a whole, the planner is effective for students of every age and helps in multitasking.

The Academic Papers UK

The Academic Papers UK, as the name suggests, is easy to use platform to organise all study tasks. For getting benefits from this portal, you just need to upload the assignments and assignment deadlines. Sometimes, the students lag in class just because they forget to prepare for assignments and other academic papers. The Academic Papers UK provides assistance of UK based native writers who can help students to write their assignments, coursework and dissertation. It is the most affordable platform where you can buy dissertation online to get a complete dissertation solution.

Study Smarter

Study smarter help students to plan their studies by collaborating with students all over the world. Unlike other study planners, Study smarter does not help students to fix the time for different academic activities. Instead, this tool is somewhat different from others. It helps students in study planning by uploading and annotating documents with fellows irrespective of geographical boundaries. This planner helps you to connect with students from the world’s high ranking universities. In addition to this, it also provides charts to visualise whether you are meeting your study goals or not? But for performance assessment, you first need to set weekly study goals with study smarter. Hence, if you are the kind of person who needs the motivation to work, that study master’s weekly performance chart will be motivational and help you work smarter.

Study Bunny

For those who find studies dull and boring, the study bunny is an interesting study planner. At first, this planner introduces students to a cartoon –the bunny. During the study, the bunny acts like a perfect study partner. Yet, making a bunny, your all-time study partner, will surely be a unique experience for all. Other exciting features of Study bunny includes time study session, task to-do list creation, exciting flashcard making and weekly progress tracking reports.

At study bunny, you will earn coins that you can use to make the bunny happy. These coins will help you to buy feed, accessories and other items for your studying partner. The better you work the more coins you will get. Hence, the study bunny is a study planner that motivates you to work hard.

In the end, study planner apps are good, especially for University students. This is because university life is known for its flexibility and freedom. Hence, in this era of freedom, a good study planner can add a routine to the student’s life. In summary, a study planner can assist the students in fixing their routine, improving their study skills and maximising their study time. Plus, a few of them are a good source of motivation as well.

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