CBSE Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers Download

The Central Board of Secondary Education, or CBSE, is the Board of Education controlled by the Government of India. It is responsible for the timely conduction of Board Exams, designing the curriculum and formulating the syllabus for the current academic year. The Board was established in the year 1929, and happens to be the largest body conducting exams across the world. It is not just entrusted with the responsibility of conducting school exams, but also other exams like the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, IIT-JEE etc.

CBSE usually used to conduct the Board Exams once every year for each class.  But due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the Board has now divided each academic year into two terms. Each Term consists of 50% of the Syllabus, and the exams will be conducted at the end of every Term. The pattern for both the Terms will be different, and the board has issued guidelines on the exam pattern for each term. To know more about the changes introduced, students must go through the recent CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, which will help them out to prepare better.

CBSE Sample Paper

To score well in the Board examinations, students must prepare well before-hand. And the preparation not only includes going through every detail of all the chapters thoroughly, it also includes ample practising of the various kinds of possible questions.

Students should practise the CBSE Sample Papers, to get an idea about the current exam pattern, and the types of questions that can be asked in their examinations. Practising such CBSE Sample Papers will help the students get a hold of the new question paper pattern. It will not only aid them in gauging their preparation levels, but will also help them manage their time in the examination hall.

The CBSE Sample Papers are available for all the grades, and for both the terms, to make the students get acquainted with the latest pattern, and know the changes that have been introduced in it.

CBSE Previous Year Question Paper

Practising CBSE Sample Papers is definitely crucial for those who are preparing for their Board exams. But students must also practise the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers, to understand how the questions were asked in the previous years.

The CBSE Previous Year Question Papers will guide the students in understanding the level of difficulty in the previous year examinations. Also, students can see which questions or topics are the most commonly asked ones in the examinations. Students will be able to know more about the weightage of each chapter in this manner, and it will help them ace their exams, and make them more confident.

Solving the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers and the CBSE Sample Papers have a lot of benefits for the students:

  1. Practising such papers will help them get an idea about the exam pattern and the types of questions asked.
  2. It helps them understand how to answer the questions, and they can prepare the answers according to the marks allotted for each question.
  3. The most important aspect is that the students will be able to gauge their preparation levels, and then be able to work on their weak points and brush up those sections.
  4. Students usually have a tendency to spend more time in one question, and then start getting nervous during the end of the exam. Practising the CBSE Sample Papers will give the students an idea about how to manage their time well during the examination.
  5. Going through the CBSE Previous Year Question Papers will enlighten the students about the weightage that each chapter is given, and also which questions are the most frequently asked.

To know more about the CBSE Sample Papers, students can visit  BYJU’s website. This will help the students to prepare well for their exams.

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